Single Session

90 minutes

Skype or Zoom video conferencing

  • have a question or need an issue resolved?
  • notes and recommendations emailed to you
  • unlimited email support for 7 days
  • session notes emailed to you


5 Hour Package

Billed to nearest 1/4 hour

Need assistance with product launch or website assessment or online marketing review?

  • Skype or Zoom videoconferencing session to identify priorities and issues
  • plan of attack emailed to you
  • recommendations and results emailed to you
  • includes unlimited email support


90 Day Success Package

Product Launch or Online Marketing Strategy Designed and Implemented

Build Social Media Communuity or Email List Designed and Implemented

  • Skype or Zoom video conferencing discovery session
  • Strategy emailed to you
  • Skype or Zoom video conferencing progress sessions
  • Progress reports emailed to you

$400 / month