Online learning

A new kind of group learning. A combination of worksheets, interactive video sessions, a private Facebook page to discuss issues of interest to the group. These group experiences are designed specifically for achieving high quality results.

System Producer and Director

Done for you.

We setup and maintain your  accounts, design and publish your invitation emails, direct your live sessions, send out follow up emails, publish as a podcast, a blog post ( with transcript or show notes). Publish to social media channels before the event and when the podcast and blog posts are published.

Work with you to create a marketing and content strategy. Startup Fee and Monthly Retainer Package

One to One Coaching

Working with you step-by-step for you to create a successful Video Coaching System from setting up accounts, successful use of Hangouts, how to publish podcasts and to your blogsite. Scheduling social media posts to publicize the event and to bring traffic once the video/podcast is published.

90 Day Success Package