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Setting up Blab

To get started on Blab, you simply need to sign up with the app or the desktop program. If you’re on Android, there’s no app in the Play Store yet. There is a Blab app through the chrome browser and through your twitter account.

You’ll simply need to get set up via the website instead, which has largely the same functionality through the browser. You’ll find this at

You’ve probably noticed at this point that Blab is quite different from the other platforms.



Step 2 – Finding Your Way Around

You’ll land straight on the main feed showing your ‘On Air’ videos with ‘all tags’ by default. Here you’ll see a bunch of conversations with titles and images of the participants (which could be one to four people).

If you would like to see more specific content meanwhile, you can search by looking at the ‘replays’ or by narrowing down by tags on the left hand side. You can also see ‘scheduled’ videos by looking at the tabs along the top.

To view a live video, you simply click on that video and watch the chat. Here you can get involved by posting comments, by asking questions, the Host my allow you to clicking to ‘call in’. This way, you become a guest (if you’re accepted) and you can join in the conversation.


Blab feels very interactive and really quite forward thinking. It’s a strange moment when you start viewing a stream and someone greets you by name and invites you to join the discussion, but it’s also exciting and has some clear marketing potential again.

Note that these videos very much look like video conferences. Blab splits it’s conversations so that you can see each speaker individually. Even when you’re the only person speaking, there’s the ‘Call In’ option ever present.

In other words then, this is very much used for talking to your viewers and isn’t as well suited to streaming a conversation.

Step 3 – Streaming Live

To start streaming, simply click ‘Start a New Blab’ in the top right. From here, you’ll be presented with a number of options including tags, the subject of your blab and when you want to go live.

Tags work a little differently here than on YouTube or Twitter. You only get to choose from a limited selection which will be used as categories. People can then choose to bring up certain types of content (‘Business’ or ‘Cooking’ for instance) but they won’t search by hashtags as they might through other forms of social media.

You also have the option here to ‘schedule’ a video, which will then show up in the ‘scheduled’ tab. This then allows people to pen in the date in order to come back to see your content and it promotes your channel. What’s more, it means that there’s more of your content out there for people to find which means they’ll be interacting with your brand that much more.

Preparing for Your First Blab Session

A great idea before you start is to spend some time watching experienced hosts. Try to get a feel for the way that the most popular uses present themselves and the kinds of content they create.

Try to spend some time on Blab. As mentioned, anyone can join in with a Blab at any point and it does provide a great way for you to experience going live without having all the pressure on your shoulders. Log in to a topic that you understand, accept the invitation and then engage in a conversation.Once you’ve been invited as a guest,you’ll be able to practice how best to present yourself and how to speak in a relatively low-pressure situation. The person who started the Blab will be the host and thus it won’t be your responsibility as such to ensure that everyone is entertained.

Some general pointers for going in front of the camera though are to:

  • Speak slowly – Speaking slowly makes you sound clearer and more confident and it prevents stuttering. If you do make mistake though, just continue on.
  • Try to be natural – Want a sip of coffee? Take one! People will enjoy your insight into the subject. It doesn’t have to be super slick. Don’t overstay your welcome as a guest – once you’re made your point, sign up to allow another person click in.
  • Think about what you’re wearing – You do want to make a good impression though. Spend a couple of minutes looking at your hair and your clothes.
  • Positioning – Try not to hold the camera too low down. Prop your laptop or mobile device so people can see you  Likewise, think about what’s in the background and make sure that it doesn’t look like a tornado hit your background.
  • Webcam – Alternatively, if you’re on Blab, then you should think about your webcam or the camera on your mobile device.
  • Sound – Sound in general is something that is often too easy ignored. Look for a quiet spot and make sure you’re speaking into the mic. Use a speaker on your headset or smartphone earbuds to avoid feedback into the microphone. Test your speakers and mic with Skype. Click on Tools, Options, Audio and Speakers and Mico. You should be able to hear both. If you make a change, don’t forget to save.
  • WiFi – Finally, make sure you have a stable connection. Connect your laptop to your wired network for the best quality network.

Set to go? Take a deep breath and go. Your first time you may want to include Test in the Title of your Blab session and not advertise it to your followers. If someone enters your session, say Hello and tell them you’re checking out the lay of the land.

Once you’re comfortable with the latest features ( Blab adds them almost daily ) decide when you’ll be scheduling your Blab sessions, and who your co-host or guests will be and let’s get going.

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